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Aim & Objective

VISION-2020-A Perspective Plan for College Development-



Jogamaya Devi College has been accredited with NAAC Grade-B in December, 2014. The validity of accreditation is for 5 years and hence the 2nd cycle of accreditation is getting due by 2020. Keeping this in view, the perspective plan for college development, VISION-2020 is prepared.

Keeping NAAC guidelines and manual in mind, the following policies are proposed for holistic development of the college.


Apart from following university academic calendar, college will prepare academic calendar for Mid-Term and Preparatory Test and adheres to it regarding holding of examination and timely publication of result.

Teachers will be encouraged to be part of different professional bodies like BOS and to take part in the examination system of university in the form of examiner, scrutineer etc.

To make students job market ready, more emphasis will be given on organizing Career Oriented Courses, Life Skill Courses, Foreign Language Training Courses for students. Value oriented courses that is going on in college must continue. Programs on women empowerment needs be encouraged.

College will try to enhance Transnational Communications through Invited Lectures by Foreign Educators while they are on their own trip to India.

Online Feedback System to be introduced through college website. Grievances reported by students to be redressed as quickly as possible.


Learning Level Assessment Test to be conducted for first year students and to bridge the gap between advanced learners and slow learners, remedial classes will be held.

For continuous evaluation and assessment of students, students’ seminar, guided peer teaching, surprise tests will continue to be conducted.

Student- centric activities must continue as it is.

Teachers to be encouraged to use ICT in regular teaching learning.

Free medical and psychological counselling, Stress Management Workshops to be conducted for students and staffs.

Teachers to be encouraged to go for PhD and to have research oriented fellowship.

Students of General Stream to be given extra care to improve the pass percentage.



College needs to fund Small-Research-Grant for Part-time and Contractual teachers who otherwise are not eligible to avail research grant from government.

Teachers to be encouraged to attend conference and publish research papers. For paper presentation in conference, on-duty leave needs be sanctioned.

College should publish E-Book through its website. Interdisciplinary Studies, Environmental Awareness, Women’s Studies should be given priority as topic of E-Book. Research Committee to take initiative in this regard.

Extension and outreach programs need be continued through NCC, NSS. College should strengthen its NSS unit to make it at par with college NCC unit which is one of the largest unit in West Bengal.

Number of collaborations and linkages to be increased. Specially, collaboration with industry to be given emphasis regarding internship and recruitment of students.


Physical facilities as well as digital infrastructure are to be augmented and maintained. RUSA fund to be utilized fully and properly.

Central Library to be extended. New building of college needs be marked as Administrative Building and to be refurnished so that administration can run from the building. Old building to act as Academic Building only.

In administrative building canteen, medical and psychological counselling room, students’ council room, in-house plantation area for botany, research room to be built up. Departments like Chemistry, Zoology, Geology need additional laboratories. Hence, plan to be made so that their requirements can be fulfilled. Demand for separate area for Bengali PG needs be taken care of.

There is long demand for 2nd campus of college. Land needs be bought for the purpose.

Library to be fully automatized with separate website and e-requisition facility. In Administrative Building, CCTV, Power back up through Generator, Solar Power, Rain water harvesting need be done.


Government scholarships like Kanyashree, Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship, Scholarship for SC / ST need be promoted so that more students can take help of those. All scholarships as awarded by the institution need continue.

Capability enhancement program, career counselling session, training for entry in services to be conducted in enhanced number. On Campus Recruitment program to be held.

Campus to be 100% ragging-free, Divyangan Friendly.

Departments are encouraged to take extra classes for various entrance examinations like JAM, PG Entrance Tests for entry in higher studies.

College Annual Cultural program “Elan” to be revived along with Inter and Intra College Cultural Competitions. Annual Sports to be held as usual.

Alumni Association to be encouraged to contribute to college development.


Participation of teachers, students and non-teaching staffs are to be encouraged in different programs held in college under supervision of committees formed for the purpose.

College- Aided- PPF scheme to be introduced for college appointed non-teaching staffs as part of their retirement benefit. Pay of college appointed staffs to be restructured. Puja ex-gratia structure to be revised to avoid grievances among different sections of employees.

Annual college fair to be organized where students are to be encouraged to showcase their acumen for entrepreneurship.

Towards the aim of greater mobility and green initiative, online system to be adapted as much as possible specially in the process of admission, student database management, accounts management, feedback management, student communication etc.

Corpus fund to be generated towards the aim of buying land for 2nd campus.


The institution has a number of best practices. Those are to be continued as well as new practices to be adopted regarding social issues like environment awareness, gender equity, women’s empowerment, climate change etc.

College premises to be absolutely smoke-free, plastic-free. Awareness Boards regarding cleanliness, energy usage, toilet use, regular class attendance to be given.

Would be 2nd campus will be green campus in every sense.

Code of conduct to be made for all.

The institute needs to think and work towards pioneering and out of the box areas.