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Institutional Distinctiueness


While the primary thrust of the institution remains on the optimization of methods of curriculum delivery  to ensure academic excellence, preparing the students for life beyond college is also one of the institution's  highest priorities.  The  rapidly evolving employment market,  the need for entrepreneurship development, up-skilling, innovation and fostering global competencies, especially in the post pandemic  scenario, have precipitated the need for rethinking education itself and taking it beyond the classroom. Moreover, the world today needs good citizens,  who are socially responsible, compassionate, and tolerant towards others and are ready to offer their services for the higher good  of their community and country. It is essential today to inculcate in the young generation good moral and ethical values and attitudes that will help them overcome any kind of obstacles  and help them to excel in whatever profession they may choose to follow. Towards this end, the college has initiated a host of programs that adopt different strategies towards making the students 'Future-Ready' for different spheres of life.

Thrust Areas:


Numerous Career counseling programs, motivational talks, Aptitude tests for career orientation, webinars and seminars have been conducted by the Career Counseling Cell of the College during the last five years.


Under the JDC-UPSKILL program, several capacity Building courses, soft skill and personality development courses, data management, foreign language  courses  have been held .


To make students self reliant, projects are planned which can be completed without external resource. Self reliance programs conducted by college in last five years include:

Trash-To-Treasure: Add On Course where both trainer and trainee were students of college. Training was imparted on reuse of trash papers, sticks etc to make crafts.

Online Cooking, Art, Acting Training: Training on Basic Cooking, Basic Drawing and Basic Acting were given to students. Trainer were college teachers.

Activated Charcoal Bag and Phenyl Making: NSS students were trained to make Activated Charcoal Bags and Phenyl for college washroom odour control. Training was given by the Principal and NAAC Coordinator who is faculty of chemistry too.

Yoga and Cleanliness Training to students by college alumni, workshop on Self and Life Management for teaching and non teaching staff by college teachers are other examples where self reliance is evident.


Basic training on First Aid and Disaster Risk Reduction has been conducted in collaboration with Red Cross Society.

Workshop on The remediation of Adi Ganga and socio economic field work on the Adi Ganga surrounding regions were carried out to expose the students to regional environmental concerns and provide them with valuable hands-on experience of data collection, analysis and other research methodology.


It has been a long-standing practice of the college to take the students on Value Orientation camps to Vivekananda Nidhi,  Serampore,  where they are taught the basic moral values embedded in Indian Philosophy, Self Management through lessons from the Bhagavad Gita  and  Leadership skills.  They are also taught some basic yoga for increasing their concentration and managing stress levels. These techniques  are intended to serve them throughout life and help them to realize their fullest potential. Such value Orientation and stress management programs  were held online during the pandemic with invited speakers from Vivekananda Nidhi.


Training on Leadership skills and nation building attitudes  was given with the help of  Bosch India Ltd. Skill development training was conducted in Mahindra Pride Classroom program, a flagship program of M&M-CSR initiative.


Performing community service builds character and establishes a much-needed connection between an individual and his surroundings. It also gives the students an extra edge while applying for higher education in reputed Universities, where it is considered as a desirable qualification.

In response  to this,  the college has started its own community outreach centre  in the wake of the pandemic with many student volunteers.  This initiative will provide opportunity and guidance to the large numbers of students who have felt the need to contribute to the society through volunteering services and will also help them in future.


To hone the business acumen of the students, several entrepreneurship camps were held in college in collaboration with Enterprise Development Institute and Chamber of Commerce. Students are encouraged to showcase their creations in annual college fair-Anondomela.


The Mental health of the students is an important factor in determining their overall academic performance.   Good mental health and balance ensures better adjustment in all types of situations and also enhances performance.  The College provides free psychological counseling for all students. Stress Management workshops  are also held


College initiates Annual Stakeholders’ Meet where industry representatives are invited to join. A number of MOU have been signed by college regarding student internship and recruitment with industry and institutes in 2022. A few students have already been inducted as intern in different concerns.


Regular theater workshops, basic acting workshops, musical and cultural competitions are arranged for nurturing creative skills of students.



These programs are already generating interest from large numbers of students and are expected  to gain impetus in the coming years. Many other courses on new  emerging areas are on the anvil and are expected to be started as soon as possible.

This multi-pronged  approach towards the building of a better futures for our students  is a unique feature of Jogamaya Devi College  through which the college  contributes  to society by the creation of a future ready workforce.




A distinctive feature of Jogamaya Devi College is the sustained effort of its IQAC towards curriculum enrichment through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities as they provide a social context and perspective to the teaching-learning process and an opportunity to broaden the knowledge gained from regular curricular activities.

Recognizing the future paradigm shift of higher education towards a multidisciplinary model, as envisaged in the new education policy of the government, this endeavor of the IQAC reflects foresight and prepares the institution for seamlessly adopting the new policy, when implemented.

The following interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities were organized in the session 2020-2021.

2 Youtube videos created on lives of famous Indian Scientists.

15 Webinars/Poster presentation/ Quizzes on Environment and sustainability / Cyber security/Forensic Botany /Vertebrate evolution / Spanish flu and its socio- economic impact / Biogeochemistry.

3-Day Online workshop titled ' Relevance of Srimadbhagvadgita in the present day'

The college e- book for 2020-21 was a multidisciplinary compilation on 'The Changing Trends in Human Thought and Perspectives' Part 2.

The e-books to be published in 2022 have been notified as follows:

Back to basics:a multidisciplinary approach to organic living.

The environmental, economic and scenario impact of Covid-19.




Multicultural Student Composition

The institution takes pride in its multicultural student composition which adds vibrancy to its ambience. In keeping with its vision, the spirit of inclusiveness is evident in all college activities. Welfare schemes are extended to all students regardless of ethnic and economic background.

Self-empowerment of Women and Value Education

The institution believes in the self-empowerment of women and the importance of value education in stress management and all round development of the individual. Every year students are sent to 4-Day Value Orientation camps held in Vivekananda Nidhi, Serampore where they are acquainted with basic meditation techniques, self-management and decision making, and stress management. Value orientation and Stress Management sessions have been held online during the lockdown period.

Lectures on Interdisciplinary Topics

Lectures on interdisciplinary topics, delivered both by college faculty and invited speakers are held each year. These lectures provide a unique opportunity to the students to realise the importance of the interdisciplinary approach in academics in solving issues of national and global importance. The interdisciplinary lectures were held online during the lockdown. Other lectures on gender issues, environmental awareness, sustainable development and many other relevant topics are held all the year round.



  • Expedite Processing of students’ scholarship application

Being dedicated to spreading of women’s education, college expedites processing of different kinds of scholarship applications by students and thus in 2018-19, 390 students have been awarded various scholarships by institution, governments and independent agencies.

  • Small-Research-Grant-for-Part-time & Contractual Teachers

Acknowledging importance of independent research by teachers, college introduced Small-Research-Grant for Part-Time & Contractual Teachers who are otherwise not eligible for research funding by funding agencies. In 2018-19, 3 part-time & Contractual Teachers availed the facility.

  • Maintaining Equality among its staff specially among non-teaching staff

The college has two kinds of non-teaching staff; Government appointed fulltime staff and college appointed staff. Since government appointed staffs enjoy different kinds of benefits especially in terms of retirement benefit, college tries to give college appointed staff a few benefits so that they do not feel left out. Thus, college introduced a number of benefit scheme for such employees of which College-Aided-PPF-Scheme, Festival ex-gratia, Winter Garment Allowance are mention worthy.  



  • Women’s Empowerment: Seminars, Workshop, Self-Defence Training Program conducted throughout the year.
  • Regular Attendance of Students: Prize and Awards are given to students for regular attendance during Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony.
  • Environmental Awareness: College E-Book “Environment: A Multidisciplinary Approach” has been published.



  • The institution believes that honesty and discipline is the key to being human and it relentlessly works to that direction even in an age of increasing immorality and dishonesty:The students are encouraged to attend Value-orientation for self- empowerment and self- management –the Indian Way  which is arranged every year with Vivekananda Nidhi Trust for last more than a decade.