Seminar & Workshop

During 2018-19

Date Academic Event Presented By
Five Days Workshop on Women Entrepreneurship Development Program Jayanta Kumar Mukherjee
Bikash Pal
14-08-2018 Seminar on Gendar and Politics: Basic Issues Prof. Samita Manna, Retired Prof., Kalyani University
07-09-2018 Interdisciplinary Lecture on Greek Thought for Students of English (hons.) Naim Mondal, Department of Philosophy, JDC
Shantanu Majee, Department of English, JDC
28-09-2018 How to Use Story Telling in Advertising Campaigning Jyotirmoy Deb
04-10-2018 Rabindranather Manushbhavna Abdul Kafi, Department of Bengali, Jadavpur University
06-10-2018 Annual Departmental Lecture on 'Our Universe' Prof. Narayan Banerjee, Department of Physical Sciences, IISER
15-01-2019 Invited Lecture on Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect Jayanta Narayan Chottopadhay,
Prof. Piyali Sur, JU
05-02-2019 Workshop on Career Awareness Program Trilochon Ghosh, IISWBM
Debosmita Sengupta, IISWBM
14-03-2019 Invited lecture titled 'Economic empowerment of Women-changing Social Attitude' Dr. Miratun Nahar
18-03-2019 Pratima Sen Memorial Lecture on Knowledge Jyotiprasad Bhattacharyya, Department of Philosophy, Khidderpore College
28-03-2019 Quiz Competition - "Gyanyoga 2019" Prabir Kumar De and Others
12-04-2019 Asha Gupta Memorial Lecture titled 'Beder Yug O Meyera' Prof. Mou Dasghupta, Depatrment of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta
25-04-2019 Seminar Entitled 'The time is Now: Psychological Contributions to Global Gender Equality' Shuvabrata Poddar, Department of Applied Psychology, KNU
16-04-2019 WORKSHOP ON ADI GANGA Dr. Kalyan Rudra, WBPCB
Dr. Debopam Acharya, Dept. of Zoology, JDC
Juthika Roy, Department of Commerce, JDC
Sonam Singh, Department of Commerce, JDC
Aditya Haldar, Department of History, JDC
Bappaditya Ghosh, Department of History, JDC
17-04-2019 WORKSHOP ON ADI GANGA Dr. Tapan Saha, IESWM
Dr. Ujjal Mukherjee, WBPCB
Bhaskar Ghosh, Department of Geology, JDC.
Dr. Kaushik Kiran Ghosh, Department of Geology, JDC.
Eleena Shee , Department of Economics, JDC
Namrata Kalawati, Department of Economics, JDC
Raima Chatterjee, Department of Psychology, JDC
Arpita Sharma, Department of Psychology, JDC
Sreerupa Sarkar,  Department of Psychology, JDC
Sromona Mukherjee, Department of Psychology, JDC
Sumona Das, Department of Sociology, JDC
18-04-2019 WORKSHOP ON ADI GANGA Dr. Bhaskar Bhattacharya, ECL
22-04-2019 The Physics of Music Dr. Pratip Chowdhury
23-04-2019 The Life of Mme. Marie Curie Dr. Ruma Basu
23-04-2019 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Ethics Sri Debdeep Banerjee
24-04-2019 Geochemistry of Natural River Water and Pollution-induced changes in it. Sri Bhaskar Ghosh
24-04-2019 Defence Strategies in the Animal World Dr. Debapam Acharya
25-04-2019 Early Indian Concepts of Elementary Arithmetic Dr. Suchhanda Sen
25-04-2019 Dream: A Gateway to the Unconscious Sri Shuvabrata Poddar
26-04-2019 Secularism in India Smt. Sukanya Ghosh
26-04-2019 Goods and Service Tax Dr. Sunil Gandhi
27-04-2019 Socio-economic Impact on Post-independence Bengali Literature (last fifty years) Dr. Broti Gayen
29-04-2019 GPS and our World Today Dr. Ballari Chakraborty
29-04-2019 Tectonic Controls of change of River Courses and Rate of Discharge Sri Bhaskar Ghosh
30-04-2019 Bankim Chandra and the Politics of Language in Mid-nineteenth Century Bengal Dr. Anasua Bhar
02-05-2019 The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters Dr. Lekha Mukhopadhyay
02-05-2019 Ecology -Reconstruction in space and time from Animal Trace Fossils Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty
03-05-2019 Side Effects of Common Drugs and Herbal Medicine Dr. Shreedhara Gupta
03-05-2019 Bharatiya Paramparay Atmaswarup O Moksha Dr. Tamonash Chakraborty
04-05-2019 Etymology-based Vocabulary Building Smt. Rituparna Mukherjee
04-05-2019 Pseudo-sciences in 19 th century Literature Sri Santanu Majee
06-05-2019 Food Additives and Adulteration Dr. Nandini Bhattacharjee
06-05-2019 The Study of Foreign Languages – a Rewarding Recreation and Viable Career Option Dr. Chaitali Bhattacharjee

During 2017-18


29-08-2017 Seminar titled "If universe is the answer, what is the question?" Prof. Dipak Ghosh, Dept. of Physics, JU (Retd.)
12-09-2017 Student Colloquium on dramatisation of Pyramus and Thisbe Harsha Chhatri
Sancholi Kundu
Farjana Basir
Bipasha Mukherjee
Diya Mukherjee
Tiyasha Oraon
Titiksha Oraon
21-09-2017 Student Colloquium on nature's contribution to human welfare Saswati Ghosh
Rimi Ghosh
Tinni Mukherjee
Shruti Gupta
Sonia Yadav
Chanchal Sah
22-09-2017 Literary Quiz Saba Afrin
Srinjoyee De
Pratyusha Das
Namrata Purakayastha
Sancholi Kundu
Harsha Chhatri
Bipasha Mukherjee
Debadrita Biswas
Sayani Chakraborty
Farjana Basir
Bohni Roy
Rupsa Biswas
Ananya Jana
Upasana Chatterjee
08-11-2017 Seminar on Indian monsoon and El Nino Dr. Mafizul Haque, Dept. of Geography, CU
Dr. Debasis Ghosh, Dept. of Geography, CU
14-11-2017 Student Colloquium on
1. GPS
2. Rocket and Missile
3. Semiconductors
4. Hall Effect
5. Einstein's relativity theory
6. Life in Mars
Students of 1st yr., 2nd yr. and 3rd yr. Physics (Honours)
21-11-2017 Student Colloquium on women in literature Namrota Purokayastha
Ananya Jana
Rupsa Biswas
21-11-2017 Student Colloquium on women in literature Saba Afrin
Srishti Biswas
21-11-2017 Student Colloquium on women in literature Harsha Chhatri
Sandholi Kundu
Farjana Basir
Four-days workshop on differential geometry and tensor calculus Prof. Manjusha Majumdar, Dept. of Pure Mathematics, CU
21-12-2017 Student Colloquium on Literary Works of Bhasa 1st Yr. Sanskrit (Honours) students:
Mousumi Dey
Polly Khatoon
Bani Saha
Priya Mitra
21-12-2017 Student Colloquium on Literary Works of Kalidasa 2nd Yr. Sanskrit (Honours) students:
Bristi Naskar
Srabanti Mondal
12-02-2018 Special Lecture to Commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Charles Darwin Dr. Samantak Das, Dept. of Comparative Literature, JU
17-02-2018 Ratna Som Memorial Lecture titled "Our chemistry for ourselves" Prof. Sanjay Bhar, Dept. of Chemistry, JU
17-02-2018 Ratna Som Memorial Lecture titled "Shape, growth and form: paleontological perspective" Prof. Dhurjati Prasad Sengupta, Geological Studies Unit, ISI
08-01-2018 One Day Seminar to commemorate 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita Sri Somnath Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Deptt of Mechanical Engg. And Sri Tarun Goswami, Resident Editor, Millennium Post
Jadavpur University
08-01-2018 Inauguration of Half Bust of Jogamaya Devi Honble Ex Justice Chittotosh Mukherjee
08-03-2018 Symposium on Representation of Women in Media Basabi Chakroborty, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Sociology, RBU
Pujon Kumar Sen, Dept. of Sociology, KU (Retd.)
Sujata Sen, Women's Studies, JU
Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, Film Studies Dept., JU
23-03-2018 Pratima Sen Memorial Lecture titled "Prachin Bharatiya Narir Adhunikata - Ekti Sameeksha" Dr. Sk. Asraf Ali, Sanskrit College & Univ.
26-03-2018 Workshop on Stress Management Suvomoy Bhattacharya, Member of Vivekananda Nidhi
27-03-2018 Seminar titled "Tolerance and Intolerance in Indian Society and Culture" Dr. Gautam Bhadra, National Professor, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences
02-04-2018 Asha Gupta Memorial Endowment Lecture titled "Indian Epigraphy: A General Survey" Prof. Debarchana Sarkar, Dept. of Sanskrit, JU
Three days workshop titled "Value Orientation for Self Empowerment: The Indian Way" Members of Vivekananda Nidhi:
Suvomoy Bhattacharya
Dr. Sourav Sanyal
Tapobrata Sanyal
08-05-2018 Lecture titled "My Environment, My Responsibility" Malini Mukherjee, affiliated to the NGO Uraan.